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Mar. 4th, 2005 @ 11:37 am Ziactrice in Plano, Texas (North Dallas region)
Main Contact : My email is on my User Info page - ziactrice@livejournal.com

Your Skills to Offer :

  1. Degreed Chemical Engineer, can consult on safety and batch
    operations on high-purity chemicals and nickel plating on

  2. Excellent at most mathematics, science, physics, mechanics, and thermodynamics for tutoring.

  3. Experienced abusive relationship/marraige - can give you a sympathetic ear and good advice.

  4. Skilled at knitting, crochet, and other handicrafts - love to teach them.

  5. Training dogs - regular house-pets, not specialized or service training, but I can give advice if you have a particular problem.

  6. Studying for my real estate exam, hoping to become an agent.
    Working on investment strategies and basics, can discuss but I am not
    yet experienced enough to offer advice.

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