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Apr. 6th, 2005 @ 12:49 am Be an instructor for DIY Academy this summer (Seattle)
The Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP) in Seattle is proud to announce its inaugural summer workshop program, DIY Academy, which will run from June 6 - Aug 16, 2005. We are currently looking for instructors to add to our already excellent pedagogical resource base. If you will be in the area this summer and know your stuff, consider being part of an exciting and meaningful project! Otherwise, if you know someone who is interested, please pass it on.

Marianne Goldin
DIY Academy Board

The following is a request for Workshop Instructors for ZAPP's DIY ACADEMY. Herein you will find a brief description of the project and the application form for potential instructors. Applications are due in ZAPP by April 15th by email, snail mail, or drop-in. If you or your brother, mother or friend are interested in planning and leading a workshop, please pass this email along.

-Any questions or concerns? email zines@hugohouse.org
-More info about Hugo House
-You can also download the Call for Instructors: Word Format, 30.5KB
and Application: Excel, 12.3KBCall for Instructors
(with plaintext application form)

===================DIY ACADEMY====================

Do you DIY? Can you grow your own food, fry it in a pan and serve it on home-made dishware? Do you believe in helping your culture and community to subsist outside the restrictions of consumer society? ZAPP does, and we want to join forces with you.

ZAPP (the Zine Archive and Publishing Project) has been promoting and preserving independently published media since 1996. As writers, cartoonists, artists, and DIY devotees, we are committed to using skillsharing and community support as a tool for social change.

That's why from June 6 th till August 16th, 2005, ZAPP is proud to presentDIY ACADEMY, a series of interactive workshops by the people, for the people. Our goal is to present a variety of low cost workshops dealing withanything and everything do-it-yourself, from arts & crafts to political activism. This call is your chance to lead a workshop for DIY ACADEMY! As long as you are knowledgeable in your craft, teaching experience is not necessary. To apply, please fill out the attached form after reading the instructions.

Here are some suggestions of workshop topics that you may be interested in leading. If none of these tickle your fancy, do it yourself and come up with your own workshop topic.

-- One Day Zine Discussion/Collaboration/Production Workshop
-- Pirate Radio
-- Sweatshirts
-- Stencil Cutting/Spraying
-- Bike Repair
-- Cooking (vegan/regular)
-- File-sharing
-- DJ-ing
-- Ad Awareness/Media Literacy
-- Silkscreening at Home
-- Bookbinding/Book Arts
-- Knitting
-- Sewing/Clothing Deconstruction
-- Gardening Food in Small Space/Composting/Worm Bins
-- Dumpstering/Wildcrafting/Foraging
-- Urban Agriculture
-- Alternative Street Art
-- Puppets
-- Cartooning
-- Flipbook Animation
-- Poster/Flyer Design
-- Booking Show/Setting Up PA
-- HTML/Web Design
-- Press Release/Promotion
-- Grantwriting
-- Copywright/ Fair Use
-- Parade Floats
-- Xerox Art
-- Mail Art
-- Collage
-- Photo Transfers on to Fabric
-- Photoshop/Illustrator
-- illustration
-- Zine-making

===================INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION=====================

Please fill out all the items in the required portion of the application.
We encourage first time instructors to apply.

  • Class ideas: When in doubt, write it down! We’re excited about all skills and proposals.
  • Pay: Although being an instructor is on a pro-bono (volunteer) basis, you will receive excellent exposure through our catalog/promotions, and other trade and in-kind compensation when possible.
  • “Quiet workshop” means that the class will be doing something that requires a lot of concentration, like working on a screenplay or building miniature ships inside glass bottles. We will find a suitable space where traffic will not disturb the flow of class.
  • Multiple sessions can be great if students need to do “homework” and practice a skill, or if you want to use the first session to lay down some very basic rules. Also think about how many students you’re comfortable teaching at one time.
  • If you would like, we can pair you with a co-instructor who can help you prepare for and teach the workshop.
  • Think about how one skill can be integrated with another. For example, students could learn how to print on fabric and then take another class about how to sew something out of that fabric. Even if you can’t teach both classes, please tell us if you have any “linked learning” ideas.
  • We are focusing more on application-based (“doing it”) workshops rather than theory-based (“book knowledge”) workshops. If you want to include more theoretical in the introduction of your workshop feel free.
  • Any help scavenging supplies is appreciated! If you can think of a way to get ANY creativity-related stuff (not just for your own class), let us know! Friends and family can be a great resource…

Submit the application to the address below by Friday April 15th by 5pm:

c/o Hugo House
1634 11th Ave
Seattle WA 98122
Attn: DIY Academy




Place it in the DIY ACADEMY drop box above the iMac at ZAPP.

================INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION FORM=================

------------YOUR INFO----------




Personal reference(s) and email/phone:


------------WORKSHOP DETAILS-----------

Workshop Name:


Materials needed/suggested:

# Sessions:_____

# Students Minimum: _____Maximum:______

“Quiet” workshop? Y__ N__

Recommended age group:



What kind of workshops have you taught?

What is your experience on this topic(s)? How are you qualified to teach this?

Would you like a co-leader? Y__ N__

Do you need help planning for your workshop? Y__ N__

----------OPTIONAL PORTION-----------

Your ideas about getting free supplies, in-kind donations, etc:

In your experience in taking workshops---what has worked and what has not?

Other Comments/ Questions/ Requests:

PLEASE MAIL FORM TO: ZAPP c/o Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, Seattle WA 98122 –or--
EMAIL TO: zines@hugohouse.org --or--
Place it in the DIY ACADEMY drop box above the iMac at ZAPP.
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