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Skill Network

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Skill Network - Everyone Working Together
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Welcome to the Livejournal Skill Network. People from all areas come to this network to share their skills and request them. Skills are anything and everything ranging from car audio installation, painting, photography, babysitting, lawn care, auto repair, pc troubleshooting, web design, music recording, writing, and more. Sometimes we don't need professionals and we can find just what we need from our neighbors who just love doing it.

Offer Your Skill:

Anyone can join and offer their skills. Join the community and make your first post and introductory post telling the community about yourself and the skills you're here to offer. List skills you're willing to offer for pay or if you're offered something of interest in return. When you're done you'll be cataloged within 24 hours in our memory bank by skill so your services can be easily found and requested. You may edit or delete your post at any time. Follow the format below to help us keep the profiles consistent. If you do not follow the format below you'll be asked to edit your post.

          Name in Subject Line

          Name :
          Location : (City, State)
          Main Contact : (Email, Phone, etc)
          Your Skills to Offer : (Skill, Information)

          Example Post

Tip #1: The more detailed your are with your skill the more respect you'll gain for it and the more people you'll attract. If you're able to try posting examples of your skill with your entry. An LJ-Cut is required for all images.

Request A Skill:

Anyone can join and request a skill. Be sure to include your location for services that must be done in person. You may search through the list of members offering their skills but they do hold the right to offer them to whom they choose.

Browse Skills:

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Create An Account to Join:

The Skill Network brings even people from outside the livejournal community together. To officially join this community you must have a Livejournal account. Registration is simple, fast, secure and free. To get your livejournal account follow this link. Come back to this page when you're done to join.

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Honorable Mentions:

          ratfaceiv - Responsible for creating the Skill Network logo. View her skill profile here